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AD9106 Software and Hardware

Hello everyone and Happy new year!

I am trying to build a circuit that uses the AD9106 to generate a wave from SRAM with the minimum hardware and my schematic has been attached below. after programmed the AD9106 registers to generate output. I have not observed any output. The first attempt for debugging was generating a simple sine wave and observe it on outputs. Unfortunately, all of the outputs were similar off too!

I have a question about my reference clock inputs, These are generated by CDCM6208 Ti using 100MHz Oscillator input and 10MHz output for AD9106. Are these waveforms compatible with AD9106 in terms of LVDS amplitude and DC offset? (two pictures attached).

PYI: I received a sample code for programming AD9106 from .

Best Regard

- Pourya

LVDS Input Clock - DC Couple Oscilloscope

LVDS Input Clock - AC Couple Oscilloscope