AD9162 instantaneous wideband operation


I am using FMCOMMS11 board and I have slightly different requirement than those in

I want to generate a 2GHz iBW signal centered at 1.7 Ghz.

Reading the AD9162 and mentioned post response, I think this is feasible but I have some questions about the configuration.

 My plan if to use the following configuration (reference input will be a 30.72 MHz clock)

 - JESD input : 2,4576 Gsps 

- Interpolation mode x4 (first HB2 + HB2_FIR85 ) in 2× NRZ mode with a fDAC = 9830,4 MHz

1 - Do you think this configuration is feasible ?

2 - In the datasheet there is a sentence that set the iBW limitation to 1.8 GHz : “ In the interpolation modes, the output can range from 0 Hz to 6 GHz in 2× NRZ mode using the NCO to shift a signal of up to 1.8 GHz instantaneous bandwidth to the desired fOUT. “ . Can you explain me where this limitation come from because if you take max digital interface rate at 2.5Gsps(complex) with 90% BW filters this leads to a 2.25 GHz iBW, right ?

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