How to programmer AD9516-1 Reference Clock Input on AD9122 evaluation board using USB Interface?

I have an AD9122 Evaluation Board kit. I created a HDL code using a FPGA Xilinx Board. My project is working using clock input on AD9516-1. I configured the clock generator external with 320 MHz. 

But, I am going to use the reference clock input on AD9516-1 with 80 MHz. This is the reference clock of the project to create the 320 MHz with data rate, using internal PLL of the AD9516-1.
The ACE Software does not allow to set reference clock of the AD9516-1 using USB interface, only the AD9122 is configured by it.

Are there some software who I can use to configure the PLL of the AD9516-1 using USB interface available on AD9122 Evaluation Board?

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