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AD9763 digital inputs threshold


I am working with AD9763 DVDD=AVDD=3.3V.

I would like to drive the digital inputs (CLK, WRT, DB) with 2.5V pins from FPGA (the VOH Min of the FPGA is 2V). According to the AD9763 datasheet "Logic 1 Voltage @ DVDD1 = DVDD2 = 3.3 V is 2.1V" but is also gives typical of 3V. On page 25 (Rev F) it says "VTHRESHOLD = DVDDx/2(±20%)" =  1.98V.

So which Vin threshold is true?  1.98V or 2.1V or 3V?


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    Dec 3, 2020 +1 verified


    Please refer to
    Rev G of the datasheet.

    The minimum Logic 1 value is the minimum input voltage at the logic pin for the device to recognize it as logic 1 or high.
    2.1 V is the minimum value. 3 V is the…

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