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What is mix-mode?

Mix-mode is referred in some ADI presentation. What does it mean?

  • Mix-mode is a proprietary sampling mode used in some High Speed DAC. In traditional DAC, the data is sampled every DAC clock period using a dual switch. ADI has a proprietary technology that uses 4 switches to output the DAC current. With this switch architecture, the data is sampled twice at every DAC clock cycle (once on the rising edge and once on the falling edge of the clock). This technique allows to remove the data dependent AC spurs limitation of the dual switch architecture but due to the constant switching of the 4 switches, adds a spur at 2xFdac and a time domain signal with more glitch energy.

    In Mix-mode, the quad swicth DAC architecture is pushed one step further. In this case, the data is not only sampled sampled twice every clock period but the data is inverted for the second half clock period instead of being duplicated allowing to generate signals in the 2nd and 3rd Nyquist zone. However this solution reduces the power of the fundamental signal.

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