AD911x output voltage conversion?

The data sheet suggests using a differential output stage for this DAC for best dynamic performance (distortion etc.).  Figure 103 shows only the IOUTP output being used to create a single-ended output, though, with IOUTN simply grounded.  This seems like a waste.  Would the attached schematic be a better use of the differential DAC outputs? 

In a separate thread Tguy recommended using Ifs = 4 mA and a 1 V common mode voltage for +/- 0.5 V swing with this DAC.  This circuit uses an external CM of 1.0 V and gives me the +/- 0.5 V I want with only a +/- 0.25 V swing on the DAC outputs themselves.  Is this preferred?

To use this circuit, should CML be left disconnected?



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