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AD9116 sleep and powerdown transition times


I have a customer using the AD9116 and is looking for the transition times to and from the sleep and powerdown modes to normal mode.  No transition times or timing diagrams are in the datasheet.  The customer would like know these times for both SPI mode (powerdown via the registers) and pin mode (via the PWRDN pin).



  • In PD mode with the PWRDN pin , the bandgap will get shut down along with rest of the analog circuitry and it takes about 1ms coming out of powerdown before the part will operate within specs.   In sleep, the bandgap  is alive but the output current disappears. it takes about 4 us to power down and 20us to power up out of sleep mode. SPI mode power down lets you select what gets powered down with reggister 0x02 setting. If you do select to power down the internal reference it will also take 1ms to power back up.