Query regarding Sample Error Detection(SED) built in test in DAC AD9125

We are using the DAC AD9125 in our hardware. In its data sheet a built in test setup named SED is specified. We have tried to use this functionality by configuring the DAC as described in the datasheet. Test data was supplied to the DAC inputs but the DAC is not perfoming the SED test as mentioned in the datasheet. No status flags were set during the test indicating that the test is not being done.

The testing was done as follows

DAC is configured to work in WORD Mode

I and Q data is sent to the DAC inputs as shown in the Figure 88 in the datasheet.

DAC is configured for the SED as described in page 53 of the datasheet but without enabling the DAC interrupt

Do we have to configure any other DAC registers other than those mentioned for SED test?

Expecting your reply soon

Thanks in advance

Shino Samuel

Project Engineer


Kerala, India