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Windows 7 64b support for AD9786 eval board

Dear ADI,

I am an ARROW Field Sales Rep supporting SAAB-Sensis in Syracuse, NY.   I delivered an AD9786 evaluation board to an engineer last week and this morning he wrote "The eval board you gave me (AD9786) is not compatible with Windows 7 (64-bit).  Is there any chance that Analog Devices can send us a Windows 7 update on their software?"     Can someone please help us out?  This is my first use of this support forum.


I can be reached at 585-733-6517 or

Steve Hoover

Arrow Electronics

  • i will have to check with our software engineers if we can update the software. This is a very old part I would not reccomend for new designs. What type of DAC was the customer looking for. Maybe I could reccomend a newer part that wouldn't have the software issue.

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