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I am use the AD9789 in my design .

In bring up process i want to test Connectivity for LVDS  an CMOS Interface Mode like it was described in "DAC - AD9789_DS p.63-64".

1. I read the data on  registers 0x50 to 0x55  but it is equal to ZERO(0x00), no data.

2. When i read register 0x1F i readback the Hardware version (0x3) so SPI interface works well.

3. I see FS and DCO by the OSILLOSCOPE and the static data to DAC pins

4. Example for CMOS test:


uint8_t rx = 0xFF;

//Testing Connectivity for CMOS Interface Mode

          //Settings to Configure the Clock

                              sendSPIFrame(spi, TX_DAC, 0x00329E);

                              sendSPIFrame(spi, TX_DAC, 0x003080);

                              sendSPIFrame(spi, TX_DAC, 0x0031F0);

  sendSPIFrame(spi, TX_DAC, 0x002400);

                              sendSPIFrame(spi, TX_DAC, 0x002480);

                              //Register Settings for CMOS Interface

                              sendSPIFrame(spi, TX_DAC, 0x002008);

                              sendSPIFrame(spi, TX_DAC, 0x002161);

                              sendSPIFrame(spi, TX_DAC, 0x00222F);

                              sendSPIFrame(spi, TX_DAC, 0x002387);

                              //Register Settings to Configure Pin Modes

                              sendSPIFrame(spi, TX_DAC, 0x004200);

                              sendSPIFrame(spi, TX_DAC, 0x004308);

                              sendSPIFrame(spi, TX_DAC, 0x004400);

                              sendSPIFrame(spi, TX_DAC, 0x004508);

                              sendSPIFrame(spi, TX_DAC, 0x004600);

                              sendSPIFrame(spi, TX_DAC, 0x004710);

                              sendSPIFrame(spi, TX_DAC, 0x00491C);

                              sendSPIFrame(spi, TX_DAC, 0x004B1C);

                              sendSPIFrame(spi, TX_DAC, 0x004C00);

                              sendSPIFrame(spi, TX_DAC, 0x004D00);

                              sendSPIFrame(spi, TX_DAC, 0x002400);

                              sendSPIFrame(spi, TX_DAC, 0x002480);

                              //Register Settings for BIST Pin Test

                              sendSPIFrame(spi, TX_DAC, 0x004880);

                              sendSPIFrame(spi, TX_DAC, 0x004A80);

                              sendSPIFrame(spi, TX_DAC, 0x004055);

                              //READ Signature Register Settings

                              rx = sendSPIFrame(spi, TX_DAC, 0x805000);

                              rx = sendSPIFrame(spi, TX_DAC, 0x805100);

                              rx = sendSPIFrame(spi, TX_DAC, 0x805200);

                              rx = sendSPIFrame(spi, TX_DAC, 0x805300);

                              rx = sendSPIFrame(spi, TX_DAC, 0x805400);

                              rx = sendSPIFrame(spi, TX_DAC, 0x805500);


!!!! rx =0 in all reads

Please help me with this test.