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AD9106 termination to avdd or gnd? phase shift square wave

I wanted to use a differential amplifier as a differential to single ended converter. How should I terminate the outputs of the DACs, resistors to ground or Vdd (I have seen it both ways on current output dacs).?, for audio signals.

How about a square wave? What is the simplest method of getting a single ended square wave? I am unclear if the square wave output of the AD9106 can be phase shifted as the sine wave output can be. Must I use a sine->square converter?

  • Hi Alexander -

    DAC outputs need resistors to ground. These DACs source current. Other DACs ADI makes sink current.

    To generate a square wave you can use the DDS as your signal source which gives you a sine wave at the DAC output, then square it externally. Or you can load a square wave pattern into the  SRAM and play that to the DAC outputs.