Input Signal Levels for AD9286-500EBZ

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I'm trying to do SPI control for the AD9286 High speed ADC using an Arduino Uno and Labview. The outputs from the Arduino Uno are 5V for logic high and 0 for Logic Low. I saw while reviewing the schematic of AD9286-500 BZ (UG191.pdf) that the buffer NC7W716 is used for level translation. Referring to this ICs data sheet I found that the input for this IC can be upto a maximum of 5.5V. So, following this, can I connect the Arduino's Outputs to the SPI control pins in the Evaluation board ?


I'm asking this because in the UG191 document I did not find any references to absolute maximum logic input levels.


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    on Jul 8, 2014 4:11 PM

    Hi Mugundhan,

    The maximum logic values for the AD9286 are given in Table 3 of the data sheet.  The CMOS input pins have a maximum input of DRVDD + 0.3V (and maximum DRVDD is 2.0V, recommended is 1.8V).  The level translator may be capable of more, but is not driven in such a way on the evaluation board.  Please follow the data sheet recommendations for the AD9286.  The data sheet can be found at:



  • Hello Harris,

    I read the datasheet and found the maximum value of DRVDD to be around 1.8V. So this means that the inputs of the ADC can tolerate voltages up-to 2.1 V, maximum. I'm looking to develop an application using AD9286 which needs me to interface the ADC with the Arduino, whose GPIO pins are capable of a 5V output. So, I must not give this directly to the input of the ADC, but must use a buffer for translating the voltage. Must this level translator be made by me externally or is the level translator in the evaluation board sufficient, if I look to interface the evaluation board with the Arduino.

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    on Aug 2, 2018 2:42 PM
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