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AD9102 SPI connection question

Hi to all.

I'm new to this forum , so I hope I'm in the correct place for my question.

I'm trying to connect a pic24Fj series processor to the AD9102 DDS chip , and I'm a little confused

about the SPI connections.CS , RESET and SCLK are fairly obvious. Do I connect the SPI data out (MOSI)

to the SDIO and the SPI Data in (MISO) to the SDO/SDI2/DOUT pins?

Figure 31 in the datasheet indicates that you would ONLY use the SDIO pin for the data transfer in 3 wire mode.

This would require that the data direction would have to change from output to input during the transfer.

Can the pic processor do this with it's spi peripheral? If I were bit banging the SPI , it would be simple , but I'd rather use

a peripheral if I can.I'm

I've tried 4 wire mode , but I'm getting nothing coming out of SDO pin at all.I'm reading the DACRSET register as it has a

non zero reset value.

Hope I'm not being to vague here.