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AD9102 Configuration Register Values

I've been digging into the details of the configuration registers for the AD9102, and I've come up with a few questions.

There are several registers given values in the example1.regval file that either pertain to the AD9106 or aren't documented in the datasheets for either the AD9102 or AD9106. Is programming these registers important? Is there a reason they're included in the .regval file?

Some of the values in the .regval file write '1' into read only bits of certain registers. Is this important? Is there a reason to do it?

Finally, the description of the DAC_CST register seems weird. Table 35 indicates that the most significant 12 bits in the register represent "Most significant byte of DAC constant value." I'm not sure if only eight bits of the register can be used or if more than a byte is represented. Also, is there a default value for the least significant byte or least significant bits? I would assume that the 12 bits indicated are correct and that the final bits of the 14 bit value are zeros. Could someone confirm my assumption?



  • Hi Sara -

    Because of the way the labview program in put together the regval files need to include all addresses in order. Only the registers in the data sheet need to be written to. All active registers that a user needs to program are in the data sheet.

    The DACx_CST is a twelve bit number. It is in bits [15:4] of the DAC1_CST register. The term byte should not appear in the register description and should be removed.



  • Thanks, Larry.

    Just to be sure I understand correctly, you said the DAC_CST is a 12 bit number. That 12 bit number then goes to a 14 bit DAC. What happens with the 2 other bits, just leading zeroes?