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AD9106 Questions

Hi, I'm working on getting the AD9106 up and running and have a couple questions:

1) What is "xDAC INPUT CODE"? Is it a register value or something internal to the chip? It appears on pg. 22 of Rev. A of the datasheet in the section "DAC TRANSFER FUNCTION". I couldn't find it explained on the datasheet, but maybe I missed it.

2) Right now I'm using a single-ended 10.5 MHz clock from a microcontroller (Arduino  Due). I am taking CLKN to ground via a 0.1uF cap and 39K resistor. How bad of a setup is this? I'm seeing a lot of jitter in my analog outputs (sine waves at 1 kHz). Are there other places the jitter could come from besides a jittery clock, or is the clock the likely culprit?