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AD9102 - Trouble with DDS mode and reading from SRAM??

I have the AD9102 EVboard and I can get all modes to work: constant value, Sawtooth, DDS, and reading from SRAM.  However, on my proto-layout board, I program the Ad9102 SPI directly and I can only get the constant value and Sawtooth mode to work.  The DDS and read from SRAM do not give any output.  I am taking the regval and default sequence from the EVboard software and and programming into AD9102 SPI directly.  So inputting example4 settings gives me the pulsed triangle wave for the sawtooth mode which is working, but the sine wave of example6 is not working.  The registers and SRAM are able to read and write properly. Is this a common problem or am I missing something obvious?  Any help would be appreciated, thanks.