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Underflow during Ioutfs Calibration

First off, there's a copy+paste error from ad9106's datasheet. From step 1 of Ioutfs calibration:

1. Set the calibration ranges in Register 0x008[7:0] and

Register 0x0D[5:4] to their minimum values to allow best calibration.

For the AD9102, only bits 0 and 1 are valid.

I'm getting stuck on step 8 of the calibration sequence:

8. After calibration, verify that the overflow and underflow

flags in Register 0x0D are not set (Bits[14:8]). If they are

set, change the corresponding calibration range to the next

larger range and start from Step 5 again.

I am getting underflow for GAIN_CAL (bit 9 of CALCONFIG [0x0D])

I do not see a mention of what the valid range is for gain. (I'm assuming it's in reference to DACRANGE [0x08].) I assigned bits 0 and 1 to be 0.

What is the valid range for gain?