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AD9754 replacement part


Since the AD9754 is now NRND, which part is recommended as a replacement part?

Are there any notable differences to be aware of with the replacement part?



  • Hi -

    The AD9764 is pin for pin compatible with the AD9754. It is recommended for new designs. It operates the same as the AD9754. And has almost identical performance specifications to the AD9754. The packages are slightly different.


  • Hi Larry,

    Thanks for a speedy response!  I do have a few follow-on questions, please:

    1.  Why is the AD9754 NRND?  Is it's fab closing?  Is there a planned last date to purchase?

    2.  The pin-out does differ very slightly:
              AD9754                                                  AD9764
              pin 23 = ICOMP (0.1uF to ACOM)         pin 23 = COMP2 (0.1uF to ACOM)

              pin 19 = NC                                            pin 19 = COMP1 (0.1uF to AVDD)

              The AD9764 recommends a 0.1uF cap to AVDD on pin 19 (COMP1) as the nominal value.  Does this mean that it is possible to operate without the 0.1uF cap present?  I'm asking because on a board design looking for a drop-in pin-compatible replacement part, there is no connection on pin 19 for a 0.1uF cap, since it was NC on the AD9754.  How will the performance be affected if this cap is not included?

    3.  Is the AD9764 performance the same or better than the AD9754?  Which performance parameters are most significantly different?

    4.  Both parts advertise a 28-lead SOIC and TSSOP package; how are they different?

    Kind regards,


  • Hi -

    The AD9754 has better SFDR performance which may or may not matter to you. Otherwise they are interchangeable.