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AD9106:How to generate amplitude modulated sine waves?


        I want to generate sine waves modulated by an amplitude envelope using AD9106BCPZ. I use stm32 to control Ad9106. But I encouter some problems as shown below.


       First, if I want to get the amplitude modulated sine wave,what registes should I configure? Does the sequence of the registers influence the output?

       Next, about the Start Address 1 Register in the datasheet of AD9106 (on page 47), the effective bit of the register is 12.But the SPI port address for SRAM is location 0x6000 through 0x6FFF,  and this is 16 bit. When we configure the Start Address 1 Register, how should we use the SRAM address?


       I realy need your help, could you give me some programming examples? I hope for your reply.


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