Differences between AD916x

Hi All,

I already know that the minimum interpolation setting is different between AD9162/4(1x) and AD9163(6x).

Is there any difference between AD9162/4 and AD9163 except the minimum interpolation value ?

Additionally, please explain the differences between AD9162 and AD9164.

Thanks a lot.

  • Because the minimum interpolation of the AD9163 is 6x, it can not operate in the "NCO only" mode. Otherwise, it is similar to the AD9162 in performance and feature set.

    The AD9164 adds a phase coherent fast frequency hopping (FFH) engine to the AD9162. The FFH engine has 32 independent NCOs and phase accumulators that enables rapid FFH among the up to 32 different frequency tuning words. The FTW can be selected with a single SPI register write, enabling hopping as fast as 260 ns, which can dramatically improve test time for high volume communications testers, for example.