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Feasibility of LVPECL & LVDS CLK at AD9746


My customer use AD9746 at their system and they should use LVPECL or LVDS CLK for this DAC.

And they will use LVPECL clk source.

Below are the voltage swing spec. of AD9746 clock input & clock sources.

1. LVPECL:  0 to 2 V         (1.8VL - 2.2.VH)

2. LVDS:     0.3 to 1.425V  (1.025VL 1.375VH)

3. AD9746

      - Differential : 0.4 to 1.6V

      - Single-ended: 0 to 0.8V

      - Common-Mode: 0.3 to 0.5V


Q1) Can AD9746 support LVPECL Clk input?

    Or would you recommend a circuit for supporting LVPECL clk input?


Q2) Would you recommend a circuit for supporting LVDS Clk input?

   (Can they use Fig 28 circuit for this directly ?)

Plese advise me.