AD9162 ILAS errors

I have a AD9162-FMC122-EBZ eval board attached to a Xilinx ZCU102 Ultrascale+ eval board.   I created a JESD204B transmitter based on the Xilinx JESD204 sample design.  The transmitter and AD9162 are operating in Subclass 0 mode, so SYSREF is not used.

The data link synchronization passes Code Group Synchronization on all 8 lanes and the AD9162 deasserts SYNCOUT.

During the ILAS synchronization phase, the AD9162 also reports successful Frame Sync and ILAS on all 8 lanes, however there are checksum errors on lanes 1, 2, and 6.  The eight lane ID status registers are correct EXCEPT for lane 6 (address 0x043A) which is inverted 0x19 (should be 0x06).

The checksum and lane ID errors are the same whether I use ACE or my custom software to configure the AD9162-FMC122-EBZ. 

Other notes:

  • The JESD204 transmitter PHY inverts data on lanes 4 to 7 to account for p/n swapping on those lanes on the AD9162-FMC122-EBZ.
  • I am using the AD9162 crossbar switch to remap the physical JESD lanes because of a mismatch between the Xilinx ZCU102 lane assignments and the AD9162-FMC122-EBZ.   I believe I have mapped the lanes correctly because the lane IDs are reported correctly in the AD9162, with the exception of lane 6 which is inverted (as I mentioned earlier).
  • I have attached a screen capture of the ACE ILAS status registers.

Any thoughts as to what would cause the checksum errors?   And why is lane 6 ID inverted?



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