AD9162 ILAS errors

I have a AD9162-FMC122-EBZ eval board attached to a Xilinx ZCU102 Ultrascale+ eval board.   I created a JESD204B transmitter based on the Xilinx JESD204 sample design.  The transmitter and AD9162 are operating in Subclass 0 mode, so SYSREF is not used.

The data link synchronization passes Code Group Synchronization on all 8 lanes and the AD9162 deasserts SYNCOUT.

During the ILAS synchronization phase, the AD9162 also reports successful Frame Sync and ILAS on all 8 lanes, however there are checksum errors on lanes 1, 2, and 6.  The eight lane ID status registers are correct EXCEPT for lane 6 (address 0x043A) which is inverted 0x19 (should be 0x06).

The checksum and lane ID errors are the same whether I use ACE or my custom software to configure the AD9162-FMC122-EBZ. 

Other notes:

  • The JESD204 transmitter PHY inverts data on lanes 4 to 7 to account for p/n swapping on those lanes on the AD9162-FMC122-EBZ.
  • I am using the AD9162 crossbar switch to remap the physical JESD lanes because of a mismatch between the Xilinx ZCU102 lane assignments and the AD9162-FMC122-EBZ.   I believe I have mapped the lanes correctly because the lane IDs are reported correctly in the AD9162, with the exception of lane 6 which is inverted (as I mentioned earlier).
  • I have attached a screen capture of the ACE ILAS status registers.

Any thoughts as to what would cause the checksum errors?   And why is lane 6 ID inverted?



  • It sounds like that lane might be inverted in the FPGA. Do the bits [7:5] also appear inverted? Can you check that the correct lane ID is being sent by the FPGA?

  • The problem was due to data inversion.    As I mentioned in my original post, lanes 4 to 7 are inverted on the AD9162-FMC122-EBZ eval board and I thought I had corrected this by inverting the sames lanes on the Xilinx JESD204 PHY.   But, for reasons I have yet to understand,  the PHY did not invert lanes 4 to 7, but instead inverted lanes 1, 2, and 6.   

    To work around this, I removed the inversions on the PHY, so it no longer inverts any of the JESD lanes,  and instead perform the lane inversion on the DAC using registers 0x308 to 0x30A.   The DAC now passes ILAS.