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AD9705 Single-Ended Buffer Circuit

Hello All,


I am confusing on the figure 89 of AD9705 Data Sheet.

Based on the specification section, the output compliance voltage range is +/- 0.8V, from OTCM to IOUTA/IOUTB.

In the figure, the OTCM terminal is tied to GND, which means the IOUTA/IOUTB compliance should be within +/- 0.8V. Is my understanding correct? On the other hand, the IOUTA terminal voltage is around REFIO in figure 89, which is 1.025V, larger than 0.8V. Why the figure 89 works correctly?


What is appropriate Rs value?


My customer’s operating condition is as next;

Supply voltage = 3.3V

Clock Frequency = 28.64MHz


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