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I need a 4 channel function generator with the following outputs. Two 923 Hz sine waves offset by 90 degrees, one 71 Hz triangle wave, and one 8 Hz triangle wave. I have a 10 MHz rubidium oscillator (sine wave) as an accurate clock reference. I would like the set up to be non-volatile, so I don't need to tinker with the settings for the waveform. These waveforms are digitized along with several other signals and serves as a clock. Yes it would be better to simply record a digital time stamp with each data point, but that is not possible. However I do have 4 extra A/D channels. Our data set spans 15 min with data spaced ~350-400 usec apart with additional ~4-5 msec gaps at regular intervals. The accurate and stable reference oscillator is a critical for this work. I have looked for multichannel test and measurement DDS function generators without luck. However it seems this evaluation board make be the answer.

The question is, Can I do this with the AD9106 evaluation board? Are there better options?

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