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I designed AD9789 dac board. 

Now I test, but I have no analog output.

So, I did BIST mode in datasheet.

First, I did BIST mode to QAM output AC performance

It is work. I got some analog output.

Second, I did BIST mode to CMOS data input connectivity.

But, I have only zeros from register 0x50 to 0x55.

AD9789 BIST  <-- This post is very similiar to me, But answer of post is not work.

My code is below.

// ------------------------------------

ad9789_spi_write(0x30, 0x80);
ad9789_spi_write(0x31, 0xF0);
ad9789_spi_write(0x32, 0x9E);

ad9789_spi_write(0x24, 0x00);
ad9789_spi_write(0x24, 0x80);

ad9789_spi_write(0x20, 0x08);
ad9789_spi_write(0x21, 0x61); 

// Datasheet describe 32-bit bus width, 16-bit data width. But It is 8-bit data width setting

// So I tried both setting 0x61 and 0x71 as describe in the datasheet.
ad9789_spi_write(0x22, 0x1F);
ad9789_spi_write(0x23, 0x87);

ad9789_spi_write(0x42, 0x00);
ad9789_spi_write(0x43, 0x08);
ad9789_spi_write(0x44, 0x00);
ad9789_spi_write(0x45, 0x08);
ad9789_spi_write(0x46, 0x00);
ad9789_spi_write(0x47, 0x10);
ad9789_spi_write(0x49, 0x1C);
ad9789_spi_write(0x4B, 0x1C);
ad9789_spi_write(0x4C, 0x00);
ad9789_spi_write(0x4D, 0x00);

ad9789_spi_write(0x24, 0x00);
ad9789_spi_write(0x24, 0x80);

ad9789_spi_write(0x48, 0x80);

ad9789_spi_write(0x4A, 0x80);
ad9789_spi_write(0x40, 0x55);


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