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Problem with PLL Locked Option in ACE Software for AD9122.

         thank you for your last help regarding ACE software, that solved my connection issue. But now there is problem with PLL Locked option in ACE software.
Inline image 2
it should have glow after the successful connection made. but it didn't.
i have given input to boards as below:
1)  Power Supply P5(+5V), P6(GND)
2) Signal Source J1(CLOCK IN), Set source to 500MHz, 2dBm output
3) PC  USB  Cable XP2
4) DSO at   J3 (DAC1_P) or J8 (DAC2_P)
5) Data Bits D0-D15 , Frame signal and DAC_CLK_IN from FPGA.
the software setting that i have done is given below:
Inline image 3
Inline image 4
please help me with it.

Thanks and Regards