AD9121-M5372-EBZ schematic

Hi all,

One of our customer () trying to bring up the AD9121-M5372-EBZ board using a ZedBoard and an AD-DAC-FMC-ADP.

Current only just a few data lines of the interface seems to be active, we are expecting some pin mapping issues. Our problem is that we can not find any schematic of this board on the wiki. Can somebody share it with us, so we can double check the connections?



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  • Hello deljones:

    I am sorry to disturb you.

    I am using the xilinx board  KCU105 to generate the Baseband signal ,and need a DAC to converter the Baseband I/Q data ,then the Analog signal  is send to the IQ modulator。

    And I am looking some DACs(such as AD9122 、AD9142A),and  have some question about AD9122:

    the xilinx board  KCU105  is FMC interface,if use the AD-DAC-FMC-ADP Adaptor, the AD9122- M5375-EBZ could be matched?

    Please, could you give me a tip?

    Thank you for your support.