AD9122 PLL Lock status

Which is the most reliable way to read the PLL lock status during operation of the AD9122, the REG 0x06 flag or the REG 0x0E?

When I set the PLL and I read register 0x0E I get PLL lock. However, while my application is running and I read the register 0x0E I get the status of PLL-unlocked, although my output spectrum does not change and looks fine. 

I have not tried to read the 0x06 register, but I will do.

What is the main difference between the two? I understand that the 0x06 is for triggering various events, to be used like interrupts. 

Does the register 0x06 is updated from bit 7 of 0x0E (for PLL lock information)?

Please note that in the datasheet, Figure 64, page 44, in the block diagram it shows that the pll lock status comes from 0x06 register.

Thank you in advance,


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