AD9148-EBZ - FMC Adapter, Latency

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Here it says that the AD-DAC-FMC is (only?) compatible with DPG2 daughter boards, whereas the AD9148-EBZ is DPG3 compatible. Comparing the Schematics of both boards I cannot see any reason why the AD9148-EBZ and the AD-DAC-FMC should not be used together to connect to a FPGA board with FMC connector?

The AD9148 is specified to have at least 64 cycles latency. The latency is referred to which clock? f_DAC or f_data?

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  • Meanwhile I purchased the AD9148-EBZ and the AD-DAC-FMC boards to connect to my FPGA and it works fine together.

    To answer the second question as well, the digital pipeline latency is referred to the DAC clock. In my test setup I had about 591 ns delay from an analog input through my ADC, the FPGA and the AD9148 DAC to the analog output, where 48 ns are expected from the ADC and about 35 ns from the FPGA logic, which leaves 508 ns to the AD9148 at 500 MSPS output rate (125MSPS DAC input and x4 interpolation): T_Latency,DAC = 1/(4*125e6) s * 254 cycles = 508 ns.

  • May I ask what is the FPGA board you used? I met the same problem as you. How can I confirm whether the DAC-EBZ and the AD-DAC-FMC should  be used together to connect to my FPGA board with FMC connector or not?My board is KC705 or KCU105,and want to buy  AD9142A-M5375-EBZ or AD9122-M5375-EBZ .

    Can you help me?



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