DNL and INL problems of AD9164


  1. The DNL and inl parameters of ad9164 are shown in the ad9164 manual as shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2

Figure 1

Figure 2

  1. However, I can not get the above results through the following schematic diagram (make ad9164 work in DC test mode or send DC code through jesd204b), IOUTFS = 40mA:
  2. By obtaining the differential voltage Vout_ p-Vout_ n. The results of DNL calculation are as follows:
  3. Actual Vout_ p-Vout_ N voltage curve is as follows, you can see that there is a great voltage step jump, and has a certain rule, I want to know what is the general problem of my system? How to get the right results? Is ad9164 configuration error?thank you!
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