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AD9176 Power Sequence

The AD9176 Rev B datasheet does not appear to clarify a required power sequence for the power rails.  Can you please define this requirement, or point me to a document that states what this might be? 

  • Hi JCurran476,

    Thanks for reaching out. The reason that the AD9176 datasheet does not have any power-up sequencing guidelines is because such a procedure is not needed. The reason for not needing a power-up sequence can best be explained by looking at the Absolute Maximum Ratings Table in the AD9176 datasheet:

    From the above table, it is clear that all of the power domains are independent of each other; AVDD1.8, DVDD1.8, AVDD1.0, DVDD1.0, and SVDD1.0 can be powered up in any order, and the part will not be damaged. Once the appropriate power domains have been applied, you can begin applying other signals such as SYSREF, SERDINx, etc.

    Let me know if you have any questions!


  • Okay, thank you for the quick response!  One quick follow-up question:  Have there been any observed inrush issues having one rail come up before the others?

    Thanks again or your help,

    - Jonathan

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