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AD9174 Maximum Analog output frequency generation


We are planning to use AD9174 for frequency generation upto 6GHz. The datasheet of AD9174 suggests that the part can generate waveform upto 6GHz with sampling frequency of 12.6GHz. However, the performance curves (SFDR, HD2, HD3 and IMD) are shown upto 5.75GHz only. We would like to understand the performance characteristics upto 6GHz. Will there be any limitations on analog frequency generation upto 6GHz. We are looking for a signal bandwidth of 10MHz at 6GHz.

Also please specify the DAC output filter constraints for analog output frequency generation upto 6GHz and to eliminate other alias components beyond 6.4GHz. Whether a single LPF with cutoff of 6GHz is sufficient or do we need to implement a filter bank for waveform generation from 10MHz to 6GHz.

What is the maximum SFDR possible with analog output frequency of 6GHz.

It may be noted that the virtual eval tool doesn't support the AD9174 part till date and remote eval web link shows that the hardware is not available.