ADAU196XAZ test, i can't get a digital input 24bit signal by the sigmastudio or the ARWB


i bought the board EVAL-ADAU196XAZ, and want to get a pure analog output using this board.

the inportant thing is to generate a 24bit digital input signal, i see other DAC use the sigmastudio to program the board easily to get a input signal.

but in this board EVAL-ADAU196XAZ, when i use the sigmastudio, there is no schematic workspace, so can't add the input.

the ARWB can only control the register of the chip ADAU1966A, this software can't generate a 24bit digital input signal.

my question is how can we get a digital input to the EVAL-ADAU196XAZ, can ypu help provide some software to help generate the digital input?