Low Latency 2.4 G sample/sec (min) DAC for wireless backhaul modem application

Dear Sir,

I need a DAC (dual channel or 2x single channel) with a minimum sampling rate of 2.4 G sample/sec (preferably >= 3.2 G sample/sec) for a very low latency (1GHz bandwidth wireless backhaul modem) to interface with the transmit RF side. Please advise best possible candidate ADI high-speed DAC P/N's. Resolution should be >= 10 bits. Most importantly is the latency which should be the lowest possible within ADI portfolio (preferably < 5 nsec.)

Checking ADI portfolio of high speed DACs, I have spotted the LTC2000A-1x which has a latency ~ 7 nsec @ 2.4 G samples/sec (operating in dual port mode.) Please confirm and advise if ADI has other DACs with lower latency.

Thanks a lot in advance for your support.

KHalid Talaat, Ph.D.



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