AD9176 JESD Formatting


I wanted to confirm how we are packing bits onto the JESD204B bus with the AD9176.

We are in Mode 4. We have a complex waveform we are sending to the DAC from our FPGA board. Currently we have lanes 0 - 3. In the table on page 34 the following is called out. it says for lane 0, Frame 0 has octet 0 and octet 1 as M0S0[15:8] and M0S0[7:0], respectively. Frame 1 would have M0S1[15:8] and M0S1[7:0]. Lane 1 would then have the M1Sx samples, etc. We've read that M in our case is for complex sub channels. So would it be correct to say that for us, the DAC 0 IQ data would go as follows:

M0Sx = DAC0 I Data for both channels, if so is S0 channel 0 and S1 channel 1?

M1Sx = DAC0 Q Data for both channel

Or is it:

M0S0 = DAC0 I data for  channel 0, M0S1 is DAC0 Q data for Channel 0
M1S0 = DAC0 I data for  channel 1, M1S1 is DAC0 Q data for Channel 1


Adding clarification
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