About DAC output voltage, AD-FMCDAQ2-EBZ + ZC706 + IIOoscilloscope

Hi I have some questions about using DAC in AD-FMCDAQ2.

first of all I using DAQ2 with ZC706 and IIOoscilloscope. When use IIO the only thing what i do is change The DDS mode one tone mode to DAC buffer output mode  (I made some data set at MATLAB, data are complex double and have -1 to +1 range).


1. What is the range of output? I think it is -0.6 ~ +0.6V am i right?

2. I will connect the DAC to some LED drive circuit for Transmit the signal via light. Even if i connect some circuit, the range of output still -0.6 ~ +0.6?

If it is not, how can i calculate the range?

Those might be simply questions but hard for me who are undergraduate student.