AD9172 Mix Mode?


I'm using an AD9172-FMC-EBZ and have been able to successfully configure the DACs to run in wideband mode 11.  I am not able to use the NCOs in the AD9172 for my application because I'm clocking an ADC with the same sample clock as the DAC and am using direct sampling.  I would like to use the second Nyquist zone image, but due to the sinc-like power vs freq output, the power in the second Nyquist zone image is nulled out.  I have used a "MIX MODE" feature on other DACs before that had an inverse-sinc filter on the DAC output to boost up the power in the second Nyquist zone image.  I didn't see a feature like this in the AD9172, but figured I'd ask if it's possible, since I believe I've seen MIX MODE in previous generation ADI high-speed DACs.