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When the AD9739BBCZ product was included in the device circuit  according to the requirements of "14-Bit, 2.5 GSPS, RF Digital-to-Analog Converter Rev.E"

 , and according to the figure 65 scheme on page 44 of 50 using TC1-33-75G2+ in Mix Mode Operation, We received an output signal with a level that did not meet its expectations. The supplied signal with a frequency 1344MHz. Current output AD9739BBCZ,  we managed to get to the level 31,82 mA. Based on this value, and the resistance value of 70 ohms, we received the output signal level on the connector output TC1-33-75G2+  15dBm less than expected. We need your recommendation on the specifics of using  the AD9739BBCZ product under the figure 65 scheme on page 44 of 50 using TC1-33-75G2+, and especially we expect from you the technical documentation on tracing conductors and the mutual arrangement of devices on the Board - a footprint or land pattern with dimensions and recommendations. We hope that it will help us get all quality characteristics you laid in the product.


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