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AD9176 Clocking Recommendations


With the AD9176-FMC-EBZ evaluation board, we are creating a wide-band transmitter, using specifically JESD modes 12, 20, or 21. 

As the clocking and the jitter associated with it greatly dictates the overall system performance, would the on-board clocking capabilities be suitable for these modes of operation at their limits or would an external clock be recommended?

And if an external clock is recommended, is there a specific one you would recommend with better jitter performance, frequency flexibility, a relatively small form factor, and meeting or exceeding the 12dBm power requirement of the AD9176 for direct clocking? 



  • In my application this used a clock cleaner and then a series of multiplications to get the 12GHz clock required, the system runs in lock with a master clock.  This might be simpler if if you did not have to run in lock you could use something like a free running DRO(still not the best).  There are no integrated solutions that can provide this on the market today and get the full performance of the device.  The downside here is the power, size and cost it takes to do this.  There are apps engineers at ADI that can help you with this.

  • The clock distribution we had been investigated for high performance like below.

    ADF4372 + Balun(diff to single ended) + BPF( filtering out ADF4372 sub-harmonics & harmonics) + HMC3653(or equivalent gain block) + Balun(single to diff)