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How to read ADS7-V2 DUT 12V current

On the ADS7-V2 board, there's a U10 (an ADM1178 hotplug controller) that handles the overcurrent protection on the 12V supply to the FMC connector.

That device is hooked up to PMU_{SDA, SCL} which then goes through a translator to the Blackfin and the FPGA.

Is there any API access to programmatically read the current going to the DUT?

...all the hardware and connections are there, it's just a matter of sending 0x05 (Command: I_CONT | V_CONT) to Addr 0xE4 and reading back 3 bytes...just need the C# assembly and code snippet to either do the I2C write/read myself, or just something where I can poll the current