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AD9736 EVB applied with Xilinx SoC ZC706 evaluation board


My customer is planning to use AD9736 14bit High-Speed DAC  for his new design. They want to use AD9736-DPG2-EBZ applied with Xilinx SoC ZC706 evaluation board (FMC connector) for their design investigation.

The description in  "AD9736-DPG2-EBZ RevC Schematic.pdf" shows LVDS interface will connected to P11 and P12, the type of connector would be 1469028-1. Seems we need to apply AD-DAC-FMC board to connect with Xilinx board. But, in the  Page 59 of 72 "High Speed Digital I/O Connector, AD973x Evaluation Board, Rev. F" document shows the type of LVDS connector is FCN–268 F024–G/0 D.

My questions is:

1. If we purchase AD9736-DPG2-EBZ EVB now, what kind of LVDS connector is on EVB? 1469028-1 or FCN–268 F024–G/0 D

2. Can FCN–268 F024–G/0 D connect to Xilinx board?

3. Shall we buy "AD-DAC-FMC" for the connection between AD9736-DPG2-EBZ & Xilinx board now?

Any assistance with this manner would be appreciative.


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