AD9162 DAC Mode:8114, sample data pattern


i am using ad9162 with kcu105 board. DAC operatred with sampling rate 5 GSPS with lane rate as 12.5 gb/s.

Went through the datasheet of AD9162, i have attached the ordering explained but there seems to be ambiguity.

The sample 0 to sample 15 as follows

0x0100, 0x1110, 0x2120, 0x3130, 0x4140, 0x5150, 0x6160, 0x7170, 0x8180, 0x9190, 0xA1A0, 0xB1B0, 0xC1C0, 0xD1D0, 0xE1E0, 0xF1F0.

what should be order in which the 256 bits to be send to JESD IP (xilinx, Tdata) ?, please clarify.


Rajesh khanna

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