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AD9744 input clock frequecy


1) I would like to know at wich frequency we can clock the dac AD9744, because it isn't clear for me on the datasheet. How can we now it?

2)I see on page 5 in dynamic performance "Maximum Output Update Rate (fCLOCK)" a minimum value of 210 MSPS.
Does it mean that clock frequency must be higher than 210 MSPS(210Mhz? 

3)figure 13 page 9: this figure and problem in question 2 confuse me.  What is finaly the minimum frequecy for the clock?  30MHZ or 210 MHZ? 

3)Is 50 Mhz clock frequency a good clock frequency for this dac? Because the oscillator that i want to use provide 50 MHZ. 

4)I want to use an oscillator to clock an  FGPA,ADC LTC2253 and this DAC, shall i bether use 3 oscillators(for each component) or is 1 enough oscillator enough?  I want to use the oscillator "SM7745HEV-50.0M".