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AD9102 Triangle wave with 78,125 KHz

Trying to generate a Triangle wave with 78,125 KHz, 156,25 KHz, 312,5 KHz, 625 KHz, 1250 KHz, but I could not find any thing about the frequency for Triangle or Sawtooth wave.

I use the  example2_4096_ramp.txt and example4.regval file, then I have changed:

the WAVE_SEL1 0x027[5:4] to 1

the SAW_STEP1 0x037[7:2] to 4.

So I have no idea how to change the frequency. 

Actually, for the sin wave, I could easily change the frequency, by changing the DDS frequency in the DAC1 tab.

but for the Triangle wave, is vague.

Thank you in advance.

Thank you in advance.
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