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AD9106 and white Noise

Hi and good morning together,

we evaluate the AD9106. We have the AD9106-EBZ eval board.

Beside of sine waveform generation, we have to generate noise. We are using  the windows demo software

If I configure to DDS, 100kHz, i get a perfect sine with an amplitude of 1Vss. After i switch to random to get white noise (PRESTORE_SEL1 to 2) i get noise, but only with an amplitude of about 40mVss. How can i get noise with an higher amplitude?

Other question:

Is the AD9106 the best choice or would you sugest an other DDS chip for the following customer requirements:

Sine Wave Generation:
- Range 15kHz to 65kHz
- Freq resolution: <=1Hz (I think we can archive this with an 16.777216Mhz clock
- Very low THD: at least <0,1 %
- Very good SNR: at least 60 dB
- 2. Second sine wave with the same parameter but with 90° phase shift.

Noise Generation: 
- white noise from 15kHz to 65kHz