AD9739A-FMC-EBZ USB SPI not working

The PIC18F24J50-I/ML on AD9739A-FMC-EBZ(rev C) seems not working well.

I have connected a USB cable to the AD9739A-FMC-EBZ but the AD9739A_SPI.exe (downloaded from High-Speed DAC Software Suite) couldn't recognize the device.

Actually, the LED XCR1 isn't lighted on, and my PC doesn't read any USB device when connecting AD9739A-FMC-EBZ.

My FPGA development board is Xilinx KC705, and I connect AD9739A-FMC-EBZ on the FMC LPC side

At first, I found the two jumpers JP1&JP2 missing, which has been discussed in:

I've put jumpers on JP1&JP2, and finally I got 1.8V on TP12 and 3.3V on TP1.

The power supply should be no problem now, but I still find the LED XCR1 not lighted on

The jumper on J2 has been switched to USB_SPI, and the VDD to PIC18F24J50-I/ML is 3.3V right now

Is there any USB drivers I should install on my PC in order to use AD9739A-FMC-EBZ?

Or, did I miss anything to start with  AD9739A-FMC-EBZ?

Thanks for your help

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