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About configuration of AD9740

Dear ADI expert,

I recently want to use AD9740, but I'm not sure about some aspects of its configuration. Here are 2 points.

1. Datasheet's page 8 says AD9740 pin 19 and pin 23 are not connected. However, Fig40 at page 21 shows they're respectively tied to AVDD and ground through a capacitor. Just to confirm, is it ok if I follow Fig40's configuration for pin 19 and pin 23?

2. For AD9740, I wonder if the input clock's Logic 1 voltage could be higher than 3V, that is, near 3.3V? I have this doubt because datasheet's Table 3 at page 6, doesn't give the max value for logic 1 voltage. In the meantime, it sets the max value for CLK+ AND CLK- inputs' Logic 1 voltage max value of 3V.