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ad9102-ebz need SPI register configuration to get a own wave from SRAM

Dear community,
I am new with the ad9102-ebz. I use SDP-K1 as a motherboard and the is connected to the SDP-K1 board over the "Arduino Interface".
I found the description how to use the example program from Mbed, here:
The example from this page work good and I can see the waveforms on the oscilloscope.
I use another board to communicate over SPI with the ad9102-ebz board. When I try the reproduce the examples from this page:
It does not work, I do the same like in the user guide, when write to SRAM reg0x1E = 0x0004, shift the value to left and then clean the eg0x1E pin. But when reading the SRAM I read only 0x0000. The same with the SPI registers.
I use in deference to the Mbed ioctl.
When I use a small among of data to write in to SRAM I can read them correctly, the same with the SPI-registers.
My target is to is to write a big data 4096 in to SRAM and the to read the SRAM data with the trigger pin and the run pin from reg 0x1E=0x0001. But I do not know how to configure correct the SPI registers for this task. I tried with this SPI register configuration:
reg 0x0000 = 0x0000
reg 0x0001 = 0x0E00
reg 0x005D = 0x0000
reg 0x005E = 0xFFF0
reg 0x001E = 0x0001
reg 0x001D = 0x0001

But when I read the registers the reg 0x001E = 0x0002, and not 0x0001. And then I can not read all SRAM registers only some of them. And I can not see any waveform on the oscilloscope.
I need help to configure the SPI registers for this task to write and read SRAM registers and to get the waveform.
Best Regards,
Iordan Pentchev.

In this SPI register configuration, I can write and read only 40 SRAM registers, when the number is bigger I read correct only the first 10 SRAM registers, the rest of the registers are 0x00000.
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