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The AD9152 has no waveform output

The AD9152 works in mode5.

Read registers 0x470,0x471,0x472,0x473 and get 0x0F,

Reading the register 0x30C, 0x30D, the value is 0x00.

But the AD9152 has no waveform output

  • Hi aioea

    I could confirm that AD9152 in Mode 5 was working in AD9152_FMC_EBZ with ADS7 which is our evaluation board.

    Are you using this type of ADI evaluation platform or your own designed board? 

    If you are using your own board,  you  need to go through the process described in the data sheet for setting LMFC_delay.  You can leave LMFC_var set to 0xA.  If you don’t want to perform the power cycle testing as described in the DS (“Link Delay Setup” “Without Known Delays” section), you can just “sweep” the LMFC_delay setting  and determine which ones provide a stable output and deterministic latency and then pick same value in the middle of the range of “good” values.



  • I used a board I designed myself. If it is convenient for you, please give me your configuration program for reference.

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